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Thank you so much for the nice installation of our new window well covers. They look wonderful and we know we'll enjoy them for a long time. We really appreciate the prompt return calls answering our questions. Also the installation was very nicely done. Jim - Cheyenne, WY

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Our Metalguard Window well covers are powder coated and designed to provide a strong steel cover that is lightweight allowing easy exit by simply sliding the cover forward. Our design eliminates the heavy lifting associated with most other window well covers. Customers love this feature since most kids and even adults are unable to lift and balance the typical heavy metal covers offered by others.

Metalguard Covers are typically a semi-custom cover. We have chosen material and a process that we think provides you with the best cover aesthetically and functionally. We use angle iron to bend and wrap around the outside of the cover (except for wells surrounded by concrete or decking material) so that there is a smooth outer edge. This prevents the cover from shifting too far from one side or the other. Bending angle iron is a difficult and challenging process. Due to this process the covers are designed to have a loose fit. Metalguard covers will not fit like a glove but will match the shape the best that we can with some slight variation from one well to the next. Metalguard Covers cannot be manufactured for highly custom situations. Our design also eliminates the need to lift the entire weight of the cover; the covers simply can be removed by sliding it forward. Metalguard Covers are usually manufactured and installed within 3-4 weeks of approval.

After many years of replacing “Heavy Metal” window well cover and grates with our lightweight Polyguard Covers we decided to manufacture our own steel window well covers for those that prefer metal covers.

No. 1 reason homeowners replace their steel covers?

Covers are too heavy- kids and elderly cannot lift and remove the covers.

Mesh or expanded steel material used to manufacture the covers is too thick and too heavy.

Covers are made to fit on the inside of the well which means kids and adults must lift the entire weight of the cover above their head, balance the weight, and push it off to get out of the basement window well.

We listen to homeowners and have created a window well cover that eliminates these concerns.

We use a slightly thinner mesh/expanded metal material that reduces the weight by almost 50% while still supporting 350lbs.

Our Metalguard Covers are designed to fit over the top of the window well and to the outside. This eliminates the need for kids and adults to lift and balance the entire weight above their head to push the cover off. With our design you simply slide the cover forward to remove it from the window well and climb out.

Other METALGUARD Benefits:
When soils expand and contract, window wells will shift and change shape. When that happens our Metalguard covers will still fit the well. Whereas, covers that fit on the inside of the well will typically fall into the well because the well opening expands too much to hold the cover in place. Or, the cover is difficult to remove because the soil expansion causes the well opening to be reduced or collapse. The window well cover is then stuck inside the opening of the window well

Are Covers Hinged?
NO! It is not necessary to hinge covers or connect them to the house. To hinge a cover to the house or foundation only results in permanent holes into the side of your house. This also drives up the labor and cost of installation. A hinged cover will most likely get in the way of a quick exit or fall down as you climb out and hit you on the head or back causing injury.

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